Foley Catheter Placement

Changing the Catheter at Home What is a Foley Catheter Placement? It is a flexible tube of various sizes that is inserted into the urinary bladder to empty it. Methods of catheter placement and change at home There are two methods for catheter placement: Urethral, where the insertion is done through the urethra. Suprapubic, where the insertion is [...]

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Suction of Tracheobronchial Secretions at Home

Suction of Tracheobronchial Secretions at Home The suction of tracheobronchial secretions at home is the process of removing secretions, in cases of their overproduction or the inability to expel them, as well as food residues that accumulate in the area of the trachea and bronchi. This is a specialized procedure that requires a specific suction device and a [...]

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Intravenous Administration of Serum – Antibiotics

Intravenous Administration of Serum – Antibiotics OIKOIATRIKI HOME DOCTORS  offers you the service of intravenous serum placement and antibiotic administration at home. Intravenous administrations of medications or serums are performed through a simple peripheral venous catheter, central venous catheter, and special port-a-cath catheters. The central catheter is chosen when dense solutions are administered. Various types of serums are [...]

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Measurement of Vital Signs at home

Measurement  of Vital Signs at home Vital signs refer to measurements taken to analyze the condition of the human body. In conjunction with a patient's clinical presentation, doctors use these vital signs to diagnose pathological conditions and determine appropriate treatment. The Measurement of Vital Signs at home  includes the assessment of: Blood pressure, both systolic and diastolic Heart [...]

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Home Personal Hygiene – Bath

Home Personal Hygiene - Bath Home personal hygiene - bath for elderly individuals and bedridden patients requires experience, specialization, and dedication. It is very important to be close to the person receiving our care, and let's not forget that many times, this person does not easily accept these services, fearing a loss of independence. The goal of an [...]

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