Bedsores at Home

 Bedsores at Home The skin is the human body's protective shield and the largest organ. It protects us from external factors, the environment, and infections and regulates the body's temperature. It serves as the medium for receiving stimuli from the environment, such as heat or cold, touch, and pain. It is easy to understand how important it is [...]

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Blood sample collection at home

Blood sample collection at home What is Blood sample collection at home? It is a medical procedure in which blood is drawn from the human body for various medical purposes. It is an important method for diagnosing and treating many diseases and conditions. How does it help? Diagnosis of diseases: Blood tests provide valuable information about the patient's [...]

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Enema at home

Enema at home is the introduction of specific solutions into the intestine to relieve constipation. Liquids are introduced into the rectum using a special tube. This procedure is used to treat constipation, and prepare the bowel for certain medical examinations, such as colonoscopy, and surgical interventions. There are two types of enema at home: low and high. Low [...]

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Foley Catheter Placement

Changing the Catheter at Home What is a Foley Catheter Placement? It is a flexible tube of various sizes that is inserted into the urinary bladder to empty it. Methods of catheter placement and change at home There are two methods for catheter placement: Urethral, where the insertion is done through the urethra. Suprapubic, where the insertion is [...]

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