About us Oikoiatriki has been created in order to provide fast and prompt arrival of doctors at the patient’s residence, throughout the day, during the whole year, offering medical services thus relieving the patient from the discomfort of moving themselves to a medical institution.

It is significant for the patient to be able to stay at the comfort of their own house and avoid having to move to the impersonal atmosphere of a medical institution, which undoubtedly plays a negative role on the patient’s already burdened psychology.

Oikoiatriki consists of specialized doctors working freelance coming from different medical specialties ready to attend any patient in medical need. The doctors work individually or as a team, if need be, so that they can provide advance medical help concerning complex medical problems.

Our aim is dealing with the patient’s health problem in their residence avoiding needless transportation to a hospital. It is important to know that the majority of medical emergencies do not need hospitalization if treated properly at home.

Oikoiatriki uses state of the art technology; moreover we offer radiographic inspection and ultrasonic tests conducted by a specialized radiologist. Last but not least, we can conduct blood collection at the patient’s residence if necessary.

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