Intravenous Administration of Serum – Antibiotics

OIKOIATRIKI HOME DOCTORS  offers you the service of intravenous serum placement and antibiotic administration at home. Intravenous administrations of medications or serums are performed through a simple peripheral venous catheter, central venous catheter, and special port-a-cath catheters. The central catheter is chosen when dense solutions are administered. Various types of serums are available, such as normal serum, Ringer Lactate serum (R/L), and glucose solutions. The treating physician will decide on the appropriate type of serum and the suitable frequency of administration based on the patient.

In addition to serums, intravenous administration can include the administration of:

  • Antibiotics
  • Pain relievers
  • Gastroprotection and antiemetics
  • Parenteral nutrition
  • Cortisone

The selection of intravenous administration of medications and serums aims to:

  • Introduce a large volume of fluids into the body
  • Rapidly absorb the drug
  • Reduce the frequency of injections, intramuscular or subcutaneous What are the benefits for the patient? Treating a pathological condition at the patient’s home without the need for hospitalization is a significant advantage. Avoiding the multi-day discomfort of both the patient and their environment. Continuing hospital treatment at home, and reducing hospitalization days, is also a significant gain. Reducing the risk of nosocomial infections. Patient safety The placement of venous catheters must be done by experienced and specialized personnel. Administration of the necessary medications for the patient’s condition or continuation of hospital treatment. Strict adherence to the treating physician’s instructions. Monitoring both the placement of venous catheters and drug administration. As long as the above are followed, there are no safety concerns for the patient.
  1. Experienced collaborators of ΟΙΚΟΪΑΤΡΙΚΗ have the training and materials to undertake the placement of venous catheters, painlessly, quickly, and safely at home. 365 days a year, throughout Attica. Providing high-level medical and nursing services to all patients is our priority. Our philosophy is patient care and professionalism.”

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