Medical operations

Medical operations at your place

Ιατρικές Πράξεις


Medical operations

The doctors of Oikoiatriki are equipped with a modern cardiograph to perform a cardiogram in your home.

Either because it is necessary to treat the patient’s condition, or because it was requested by the treating cardiologist.
The examination is simple and painless.

With the placement of the appropriate electrodes on the patient’s body.

followed by the analysis of the electrical activity of the heart, which is printed on paper.

Medical operations

HOLTER MONITOR- Medical Operations

The Holter monitor of heart rhythm records the patient’s electrocardiogram for 24 hours.
After being examined by your cardiologist, he places the Holter monitor at a fixed spot on you.

and then places the electrodes on your body.
The next day the device will be removed and connected to a computer.

Where the cardiologist will assess the 24-hour recording and make a diagnosis.

Ιατρικές Πράξεις Medical operations


Spirometry is a simple test used to diagnose lung diseases and assess their condition.
It is performed by a specialized pulmonologist.
During the test you will be asked to exhale as much air as you can into the spirometer which will make recordings.
It is helpful to get tested if you are

  1. a smoker or have been in the past,
  2. if you have frequent cough,
  3. if you feel shortness of breath during exercise or
  4. if you have been diagnosed with a lung disease.
Ιατρικές Πράξεις Medical operations


Proper surgical debridement is a key element in treating a soft tissue ulceration.
The priority of the surgeon performing the surgical debridement is to remove all the dead tissue from the ulcer. Necrotic tissues are a good substrate for the growth of germs.

Something that should be avoided; with the removal of necrosis the underlying tissues are better oxygenated.
Surgical debridement is performed with classic surgical instruments, but a special ultrasound device can also be used.

Ιατρικές Πράξεις Medical operations


Ultrasound can be used to guide a paracentesis of a thyroid nodule or breast tumor for cytological examination. A special needle is directed to the test area under ultrasound guidance and the sample material is obtained. The examination is quick and painless for the patient.

Ιατρικές Πράξεις Medical operations


The orthopedists of Oikoiatriki with experience and suitable equipment, can perform reduction of dislocated joints.

Such as, shoulder and fingers, and also fracture reduction in body parts such as,

  • wrists
  • ankles
  • fingers
  • placement of the correct cast or splint, depending the case.
Ιατρικές Πράξεις Medical operations


In case of an open wound, the doctors of Oikoiatriki are equipped with the appropriate sterile equipment and surgical tools to deal with small and large wounds at home. Easy and painless technique with the use of local anesthesia, in your home.

Ιατρικές Πράξεις Medical operations


When a wound has been sutured or a surgery has been performed, the need to remove the sutures arises as soon as the surgical wound has healed, whether they are metal sutures or simple sutures.
The doctor makes a visit at home and removes them painlessly and quickly.

Ιατρικές Πράξεις Medical operations


The doctors of Oikoiatriki can open abscesses and drain them safely at home.
Drainage of

  • pilonidal cysts,
  • removal of calluses,
  • nevi and
  • other minor surgeries can be performed easily and painlessly at home.
Ιατρικές Πράξεις Medical operations


The orthopedist of Oikoiatriki has the appropriate equipment, classic plaster or resin, to immobilize the corresponding part of the body that has been injured. Whether there is a fracture or some other injury of the upper or lower limb.
Depending on the case, a commercially available splint or guardian can be placed.

Ιατρικές Πράξεις Medical operations


Intra-articular injections or infusions are a common treatment option for early-stage osteoarthritis.

Using mainly hyaluronic acid, but also corticosteroids in some cases. It can relieve the patients of the symptoms and improve their quality of life.

The joints in which most commonly this treatment is performed are the knee, shoulder and hip.
The injection is administered quickly and painlessly in the patient’s home.