Radiologist at home

Radiologist at home

The radiologist at home has the appropriate equipment, portable ultrasound, a portable radiological unit,  digital X-rays, to perform high-quality diagnostic imaging examinations at the patient’s residence.

  • X-rays
  • ultrasounds
  • triplex studies are reported in writing by the radiologist.

There is also the possibility of communication and updates of the radiologist at home with the patient’s treating physician.

Radiologist at Home
Ακτινολόγος στο σπίτι

Radiologist at home – X Rays at home

Advantages of radiologist at home:

  • High-resolution images and very high-quality imaging.
  • Maximum diagnostic reliability of the radiographic images taken.
  • Reliable radiography for patients with special difficulties such as large muscle mass (overweight) and difficulty in positioning the body correctly (flexion or stiffness).
  • Immediate digital image without any conversion from analog to digital,
  • Minimization of the required radiation dose also. Unlimited image processing capabilities to highlight specific anatomical points of interest.
  • Digital management and storage of the image to create the patient’s electronic record and Electronic transmission of the image to the treating physician. resulting in direct communication between physicians for medical decisions.

radiologist at home in athens by oikoiatriki

Prices Radiologist at home

  • X-Rays at home (Digital)

  • X-Rays and Orthopedist at home

  • Digital X-Ray at Home
  • Weekends, Public Holidays (22:30-07:00)

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The Radiologist at home of OIKOIATRIKI HOME DOCTORS  undertakes:


  • Chest X-rays

  • Hip X-Rays

  • Knee X-Rays

  • Pelvic cavity X-Rays

  • Spinal column X-Rays

  • Ribs X-Rays

  • Hands X-Rays

  • Foot X-Rays