Injections at Home

Injections at home refer to the administration of drugs via a syringe.

Intramuscular refers to the administration of drugs into a muscle, usually the gluteal and deltoid muscles, within the muscle tissue, and from there into the bloodstream.

Subcutaneous refers to placing the needle in subcutaneous tissue, beneath the skin, and administering the medication from there.

Injections are very common in everyday medical practice due to the convenience they offer, safety, and the quick introduction and action of a drug in the human body.

Especially in cases where it is difficult to find a suitable vein or in situations requiring immediate drug administration, the choice of injections, primarily intramuscular, is essential.

Home Injections – Intramuscular

Intramuscular injections are more commonly used for the administration of:

  • Pain relievers
  • Antipyretics (fever reducers)
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Cortisone

The most common cases for subcutaneous injections are:

  • Insulin
  • Low molecular weight heparins (anticoagulants)
  • Medications for in vitro fertilization preparation

The most common injection sites are:

  • The Deltoid muscle, which is frequently used, especially for vaccines.
  • The Middle Gluteal, which is the safest injection site for adults and children over 7 months due to its distance from significant nerves and blood vessels.
  • The Major Gluteal, the preferred injection site for most healthcare professionals. Careful selection of the exact injection point is necessary due to the proximity of the area to the sciatic nerve and major blood vessels. After dividing the gluteus into four quadrants, we choose the upper outer quadrant for our injection. This particular injection requires training and familiarity.
  • The Outer Thigh muscle, is a good choice, especially when the patient wants to self-administer the injection.

Preparation for Administration

  • Training and education before performing the procedure. Selection of the appropriate technique depending on the medication and the patient. Age, the patient’s physique, and the volume of medication to be administered will help us choose the correct injection site and necessary materials.
  • Good hand hygiene before the procedure, including the application of an antiseptic.
  • Gathering the necessary materials before the procedure, including the syringe, needle, gauze, antiseptic, the medication, and a sharp object disposal container.
  • Selecting the injection site and cleaning it.
  • Preparing the syringe and introducing the medication into it.
  • Inserting the needle and delivering the drug to the patient.
  • After administration, quickly removing the needle and applying mild pressure with gauze at the injection site, making small circular movements.
  • Dispose of the materials used in a specialized container.

The specialized associates of OIKOIATRIKI HOME DOCTORS have the experience and appropriate equipment to undertake Home Injections, including subcutaneous and intramuscular injections, painlessly and swiftly, 365 days a year, throughout Attica.

Our goal is to provide high-quality medical and nursing services to all patients. Our philosophy is professionalism and patient care.

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