Blood sample collection at home

What is Blood sample collection at home?

It is a medical procedure in which blood is drawn from the human body for various medical purposes. It is an important method for diagnosing and treating many diseases and conditions.

How does it help?

Diagnosis of diseases: Blood tests provide valuable information about the patient’s health, offering significant diagnostic value.

Treatment: It can be used in the treatment of hematological disorders. Blood donation: Voluntary blood donation is a crucial part of most surgical procedures and saves lives in cases of accidents.

How is it done?

It is done using special needles or butterfly-type needles to quickly and painlessly collect blood.

After selecting the appropriate vein, the area of venipuncture is locally disinfected, a tourniquet is applied, and the appropriate needle is inserted.

For patients with “difficult” veins, there is a special device that detects the suitable vein for phlebotomy.

The patient should be in a supine position for the best selection of the vein from which the phlebotomy will be performed.

Preparation for Blood sample collection

Shortly before Blood sample collection at home, about 15 minutes before, especially for elderly patients, it is recommended to drink 2 glasses of water.

This way, we achieve better blood circulation while the tests are not affected at all by the water.

Depending on the tests requested, it will be determined in advance whether the patient should fast from the previous night or the morning before phlebotomy.

The specialized associates of Οikoiatriki Home Doctors have the experience and the appropriate equipment to perform painless and rapid phlebotomy at home.

365 days a year, throughout Attica.

Our goal is to provide high-level medical and nursing services to all patients.

Our philosophy is professionalism and patient care.

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