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Doctors at Home – Oikoiatriki

About us..

Oikoiatriki has been created in order to provide fast and prompt arrival of doctors at the patient’s residence, throughout the day, during the whole year, offering medical services thus relieving the patient from the discomfort of moving themselves to a medical institution.

It is significant for the patient to be able to stay at the comfort of their own house and avoid having to move to the impersonal atmosphere of a medical institution, which undoubtedly plays a negative role on the patient’s already burdened psychology.

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The method of operation of Oikoiatriki is simple:
In case of need for a doctor at home, contact from a mobile or landline phone the medical call center of Oikoiatriki, tel: +30 210 220 3 22 our center records the symptoms of each case, while it can give you some first advice if there is a need and then suggest the corresponding medical specialty for your case.
Shortly after that, a doctor of Oikoiatriki will visit you at your place. Our center can also guide you in choosing other services, such as blood or microbiological tests requested by your doctor or X-rays ordered by your orthopedist. In case of admission to a hospital, the coordinator can schedule your transfer by ambulance to a hospital of your choice or suggest one of the collaborating clinics.
There are insurance plans that cover the cost of home visits; talk to your insurer and get informed about whether or not your insurance plan covers part or all of the cost of the visit. Constant communication with the patient and his/her relatives is offered until the problem is solved and the patient’s health improves. Companies that require medical services in their workplace or diagnostic tests for their employees can contact the call center to inform us of their needs and we may suggest special packages.
Tourists who are in our country and face a health problem can also use our services; the cost is predetermined before the doctor’s visit. The doctor visits the patient’s hotel or any other place. The cost can be covered either directly by the patient or by his/her insurance company. Payments are also accepted through credit cards issued abroad, while we shall issue a receipt for the services provided and a written medical report.

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